Who We Are

The Hummingbird Bakery is an American-style bakery founded in 2004 to bring the authentic taste of American home baking to London.

At the Hummingbird Bakery, each of the cakes is made freshly on-site from scratch. Our skilled bakers do just that in each of our Bakeries.

The Hummingbird Bakery offers a full range of American-style baked treats and desserts including cupcakes, layer cakes, brownies, pies and much more.

Sometimes only an extra special cake will do, so if you need a customized cake or cupcakes we are proud to offer a personalized customization service.

Who We Are

Azkadenya provides a ‘homey’ Middle Eastern food experience in an expressive and playful setting that evokes good memories. It serves the traditional dishes of the good old days but with the modern day twist. Creativity is in the essence of the restaurant whether in the menu or in the design and decor.

Azkadenya is where family & friends meet over a carefully prepared feast… The aromas coming through our kitchen bring back nostalgic memories of childhood, comfort & familiarity. It is  Home… It is your Home away from Home.

Who We Are

Texas de Brazil is an authentic Churrascaria, featuring a continuous dining experience that blends together the unique culture of Brazil with the generous hospitality of Texas. Founded in 1998 as a family-owned business, Texas de Brazil now has branches throughout the U.S. and internationally.

At Texas de Brazil, the all-you-can-eat concept comes to life as Gauchos prepare, cook and personally serve each table, carving an array of grilled beef, lamb, chicken, prawns and sausage, as directed by the guest’s green and red disks that indicate when to bring more meat, or when a break is needed.

The impressive selection of cuts are prepared in a traditional Brazilian method over an open flame, and presented tableside by only the best skilled Gauchos, known as the ‘Cowboys of Brazil’!

The steakhouse boasts an extensive salad area, beautifully decorated with large tropical flowers and featuring tempting gourmet items such as fresh seasonal greens, imported cheese, roasted vegetables, and our signature creamy lobster bisque. 

Texas de Brazil also offers a variety of beverages and decadent desserts from the à la carte menu, which includes a selection of specialty mocktails, to further enhance the dining experience.

Who We Are

Founded in 1983, with more than 2,000 locations globally, Panda Express is the largest American Chinese restaurant concept in the world. 

Panda Express offers a Chinese-inspired menu with modern twists. Best known for the wide variety of original recipes including the famous Orange Chicken®, award winning Honey Walnut Shrimp™ and Shanghai Angus Steak™.

With a warm and welcoming ambiance, Panda Express’ fun appeal draws in a variety of customers making it an enjoyable experience for our guests.

Who We Are

YO!'s vibrant food has been delighting hungry guests since 1997. From the first YO! in Soho, London, which introduced the ‘kaiten’ conveyor belt and colour-coded dishes, YO! now has more than 100 restaurants around the world. 

YO! never stops discovering, exploring and innovating with stacks of new dishes and ideas coming round the belt!

The one thing all YO! food has in common is…SHINSEN! It’s Japanese for fresh, and we love it. That’s why we serve all our dishes as they’re made – right in front of you in our open kitchens, by our expert chefs.

Who We Are

At California Pizza Kitchen, we strive to create unique dishes from the freshest ingredients. We carefully select every meat, cheese, herb and vegetable that makes its way into our kitchen. 

Our kitchen bustles every day as we hand-cut, toss and roast our ingredients with exacting precision. We take a few extra moments to artfully craft your meal from scratch, by hand, in house and to order. Uniquely for you.