The Original Lebanese Food

Hala Beirut

Hala Beirut offers most delicious Lebanese food in town, everything is freshly prepared in our kitchen once your order is placed. We are just a click away to deliver you quick and warm food at your doorsteps to satisfy your family and friends.

At Hala Beirut, we want to blow your mind with the mouth watering food prepared by our chefs. We will make you travel from wherever you are to the heart of Lebanon through the authentic Lebanese Cuisine, all of this with a dash of modernity and freshness.

The renowned Lebanese gastronomy does not need an introduction, starting from the creamy Hummus and zesty Moutabal that open our appetite to the crispness of the salads that make us want more. Lebanese food is also legendary for the remarkable street food that it offers. The sandwiches revolutionized middle Eastern street food by mixing wonderful flavors and textures.

Our team mastered every single recipe and its ingredients, starting from the cold mezza, the chicken shawarma, passing by the garlic sauce to the crunchy Falafel and much more.

Everything is prepared with passion and love to satisfy all kinds of palates and tastes. Some are crunchy, some are mild, they are all fascinating for all food lovers across the city.