How it all started

Sami Daud, the founder of Gourmet Gulf and passionate foodie, was on a trip to London in 2002, when he happened to stop by, one of YO! Sushi’s flagship stores. Seduced by the unique concept of the brand, soon YO! Sushi became the first of its kind to open in the Middle East region under the Gourmet Gulf company flag.

With the clear vision of bringing unique culinary experiences to the Middle East, soon new brands joined the Gourmet Gulf portfolio; California Pizza Kitchen, Hummingbird Bakery, Azkadenia, Panda Express and Texas de Brazil.

Currently, Gourmet Gulf has more than 16 restaurants spread between UAE and Saudi Arabia and several new openings are expected for 2022 not only in UAE but also in Qatar.



What drives us

Gourmet Gulf aims to be a preeminent leader in the food and beverage business, bringing dining brands and experiences that matter to its customers, both locally and internationally, while providing lasting value for money and setting standards in management excellence and integrity.


Our mission is to bring best-in-class dining brands closer to people and offer them a chance to experience the best of world cuisine. We identify gaps in markets and fill them with new cuisines and fresh dining experiences. One of our core values is “People first”. We build our business on a foundation of committed individuals, who excel at what they do, and will be challenged to develop themselves every day.


We have the discipline and courage to do what we say we’re going to do. Basically “We do what we say” and We “play fair”. We are committed to integrity in our personal and business interactions and decision-making. Last but not least, we have a strong “customer commitment”. We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers lives.

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